Culinary Arts Student Union
Culinary Arts Student Union (acronym as CASU), is a club at the University of Florida where we try to cultivate a community over food. I joined the team as the graphic designer my freshman year of college, and have been enjoying my time here ever since! 
We typically host 2 events every month with funding from our Student Government in addition to collaborations with other UF-affiliated programs. Our events are centered around cooking and sharing the experience of eating with another stranger to help bring people together. 
Our identity revolves around one thing; have fun eating free food! 

The mascot I designed! Our events are hosted in a building called the "Pilot Plant" so I created something that plays on that name.

The old logo.
The old logo.
Pictured Left: Old Logos
One of my roles was to reinvent our logo and create a t-shirt design. For the logo, I opted for a sleek and classic design that read loud and clear. 
To personalize our t-shirt, I wanted to do something that was unique and "us." Our club meetings are held in an industrial kitchen on the main university campus, called the Pilot Plant, hence our mascot a potted plant in a biplane.