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I hope your day has been great! Thank you for considering me for the Motion Design Intern position. 
This is the super secret application page I created just for you
In addition to the motion reel, I want to present AERU, a luxury cosmetics line catered toward the frequent flyer and the conscientious debutant looking to keep the world healthy and their skin healthier.
Of course, it is a faux line, but I've delineated my process for this project below if you are curious!
AERU is a case study into the intersection of design and experiences. I wanted to coalesce my passion for the digital and my drive for capturing the beauty of life. 
I combined my proficiencies in design, illustration, 3D (modeling and animation), and production, and harnessed my experimental ethos to develop this idea. Below is the pitch I presented to my colleagues. I heeded their feedback and found that elaborating on my idea helped refine my idea. 
I started with a problem. Traveling with skincare can get chaotic; so I devised a skincare line that would be luxurious and sustainable. Individually, I would be responsible for developing the visual identity and producing material to sell the fantasy. 
The climb required a multidisciplinary approach – one I am well-equipped for.
I developed three possible logos which would set the foundation for the identity. After consulting with my peers I continued with the first rendition because I believed the prototypical design had the most opportunity to develop into the luxury house AERU is meant to be. 
I sketched out potential product designs that incorporated the cornerstones: luxurious, sustainable, and refillable. 
With plans for my 3D moisturizer model in place, I proceeded onto the live production. I wanted to incorporate a human element to further develop the project and make it more than just a 3D render, so I had my friend model in a faux product shoot (using pre-existing moisturizer). I wanted to use the shots and intersperse them with the rendered animation to sell the entire fantasy. I created a shoot deck to organize my thoughts and better prepare my friend for the shoot.
I believe an important part in creating is who we create for; people. The experience of collaborating with my friend and the significance of being human is invaluable.
The Creation
The production was a two-fold approach. While I created the 3D materials, I was also responsible for the production of the photoshoot. The model and animations were all made in Cinema4D. The model took about a day, and the final UV unwrapping, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering all happened over the course of five days, with most of the time dedicated to rendering. The photoshoot was an hour long in the studio, and I included a handful of unedited clips.
The Conclusion
While I'm happy with the design and material so far, I am thinking of ways to elevate the experience. One thing that came to my mind is in the presentation of my work; I have the videos shot and animations made, but how do I craft that perfect experience? 
This is my next step. Inspired by the launch parties and socials of high end brands, I wish to host a similar event but with my own personal flair. I also like to create visuals for my friends that DJ and host events, and I want to combine that enthusiasm in the product's experience.
For example, with the video on the right; creating an immersive/interactive experience for the product launch event to generate hype and curate an unforgettable experience.
What's Next?
I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my story.
I want to experience what the world has to offer, and hopefully, that next experience will be with The Working Assembly!