Project Overview . Spring 2022
RentiC is an app designed for the fashion-forward and sustainable-minded traveler. It helps you find hidden gems of clothing stores in cities you're visiting and easily takes you through the steps of elevating your wardrobe.
UX Designer, Concept Development, Visual Artist
Adobe CC, Figma, Miro
January 2022 - April 2022
Prince Fuller, Angelica Roque, Jake Ruhlman, Khoi Vu, JJ Ward
Project Context
There has been a recent push for eco-responsibility in how we conduct our actions and how to practice sustainability in our day-to-day. This project was a case study in identifying ways to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Competitive Analysis: Thrift stores already exist
We needed to set ourselves above the rest. Thrift stores already exist; what could we offer that Goodwill couldn't? To figure this out, we conducted some surveys that we could analyze the data from to understand the desires of the fashion-forward individual.
What We Learned: People wanted to stay up to date on fashion trends but in a sustainable way
We surveyed 10 students at UF and found that many of those interested in fashion stayed up to date through social media, and also had similar values in reducing their consumption of fast fashion. Through analyzing our findings, we decided on three key design requirements:
1. Variety of styles to choose from
2. Sustainable production + distribution
3. Partnered shops to pick-up/drop-off
What I Did: Establish a visual narrative
I was tasked with designing the user experience, led the concept development from ideation to actualization, and established the visual narrative that we would portray through RentiC. I also organized our presentation notes and collected our team together for the majority of the project duration to collaborate better with one another.

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