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I hope your day has been great! Thank you for considering me for the Motion Designer / Internship position.
This is the super secret application page I created just for you. 
Below are some other projects that I think are cool and could vibe with Volvox. 
I also include brief descriptions of the projects as they appear in the reel.
Groove Garden

Groove Garden is an event created by a graphic designer and DJ duo attending the University of Florida. I befriended them and am currently working to create visuals for their next event. 
Through the Groove Garden I've been able to experiment in TouchDesigner with more purpose. A huge shout-out to Bileam Tschepe and Torin Blankensmith. I'm excited to explore the possibilities in this new experiential landscape.
VR Putt Putt

VR Putt Putt was a group project that I wanted to share but couldn't figure out how to retrofit it into the reel I made.
The assignment was to create a game in Unity for the Oculus. I worked with two classmates who handled the programming while I was responsible for the art direction and level design. Once they established the tracks, I brought the set to life with free low-poly assets from the Unity store. We were inspired by the concept of Disney Epcot (around the world), hence the different biomes.

Intimacy was one of my first explorations into C4D and motion design. I wanted to incorporate my background of 3D character animation, so I found free models of humanoid figures and rigged them so that I could pose them. I wanted the models to be androgynous, but beggars can't be choosers. 
The goal was to have glowing particles cascade down and reveal two figures frozen in an intimate display. I sought to reproduce Ariana Grande's "Thinking Bout You" stage visual in her Dangerous Woman tour, using her visuals as guidance.
Glass Cloth

Glass Cloth was an experiment in C4D focusing on new effectors, animation, and rendering. I stumbled across a super cool artist named Nídia Dias and wanted to play around with her Microsoft 365 style frame tutorial. I couldn't figure out how she made her cloth, so I found a cloth animation tutorial I liked by Lukas Thorup and put two and two together. 
I wanted to test the capabilities of my new laptop so I framed some of the more interesting movements and let the Redshift renderer chug for a bit; and out came Glass Cloth!

Tripsitting is a piece I chose to include because I wanted to demonstrate my background in character animation, which I think could bring a unique mindset to transition into the world of abstraction and how it might inform future animations.
I animated two rigs in Maya by Gabriel Salas to a 13-second dialogue clip from Dora and the Lost City of Gold. With only the audio as guidance, I crafted a story about someone tripsitting their friend on psychedelics.

Smushyslugs, or Emily, is one of the first and one of the best friends I've made during my experience at UF. She was a nurturing presence during my formative years and helped me grow into person I am today. When she picked up DJing, I wanted to support her as well and I think that whole experience shaped my love for more experiential forms of art and media.
Emily asked me last minute before a set to add some motion to a logo her friend made, so I threw together a small visual in half an hour. She has since graduated and left town, but that brief taste was enough. Despite the small scale, I found that experience fulfilling; hence my desire to join Volvox! 

FOR THE BETTER is one of my most recent pieces, and it was another flow state experiment in C4D inspired by a personal event. I wanted to represent the internal conflict in wanting to reach out to someone but knowing that it'd be for the better if you didn't. The swirling, chaotic sculpture was a foray into abstraction in the technical and figurative sense. I saw another piece of Nídia's that I thought encapsulated the external forces swarming around your actions (or lack thereof).
I chopped the arm off the stock C4D human rig and added some animation that I hoped would enrich the meaning behind the piece.
What's Next?
I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my story.
I want to experience what the world has to offer, and hopefully, that next experience will be with VOLVOX!